Direction / Motion / Design​​​​​​​
music: Yukima Morimoto
video: Yuki Kubo

Theme of the work
The theme of this work is a strong desire for freedom of person who is under control.
The story is set in Japan in the parallel world.

The girl, an android, does not have her intentions.
However, she lives freely with her intentions in her imagination world that is created in her mind.
The work is expressed her energy that is overflowing to the real world from her imagination world.

What I focused on in the work was to use the part of the real world as material so that it allowed
to create a distorted world that has reality and emptiness. Besides, it is able to disappear a boundary of computer graphics and real world images.
The Japanese lyrics in this song is composed of ancient Japanese words which are used before Edo era. How these lyrics display on the screen was inspired by “Ukiyoe” which is Japanese traditional painting. Ukiyoe is a painting consists of a picture and words. Those words could be story of the painting or character’s lines.
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